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Fast, reliable data access for ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and XML
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Fast, reliable data access for ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and XML

EnterpriseDB Raises $10 Million from IBM and Other Investors
EnterpriseDB, which offers an Oracle-compatible version of PostgreSQL, has raised $10 million in series C financing from IBM, Charles Rivers Ventures, Fidelity Ventures and Valhalla Partners. IBM's investment is notable in the wake of Sun's purchase of MySQL, one of EnterpriseDB's competitors in the open source database space. EnterpriseDB offers services for PostgreSQL, a version known as Postgres Plus, and
PostgreSQL Plus Advanced Server for Linux and AIX. EnterpriseDB has recently released an open source GridSQL product and positioned its DBMS as a web database product running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage Service (S3).

Information Builders Releases Mashup for BI and Google Maps
Information Builders, Inc. (IBI) has released a new WebFOCUS mashup application that integrates Google Maps and business intelligence data. IBI's WebFOCUS for Google Maps GUI supports overlaying maps with data without creating custom code. It supports dashboard integration and enables users to insert Google Maps into WebFOCUS procedures. Users can leverage Google Maps to filter and drill down to WebFOCUS reports that contain details on one or more geographic locations.

LogiXML Adds ETL Tool to Web-Based BI Product Line
LogiXML, Inc. announced the release of LogiETL, an extract, transform and load tool for putting enterprise data into a consistent format to support integration with a variety of corporate applications. One unique feature is that LogiETL product is a Web-based data integration tool. It can transfer data from disparate sources, including IBM DB2, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase SQL Server, Sun Microsystems MySQL, and InterSystems Cache. It can also transfer data from web services, flat files, CSV, Excel and XML files, as well as RSS/ATOM feeds, Amazon SimpleDB, Google Docs, and Google Spreadsheets.

IBM Acquires Solid for In-Memory Database
IBM has reached an agreement with the private owners of Solid Information Technology to buy the in-memory database company. Private equity firms Apax Partners and CapMan have agreed to sell the company, which had 2007 sales of $14.4 million. Annual revenues for Solid are not a compelling reason for buying the company, but after Oracle acquired Innobase Solid signed an agreement with MySQL to provide a transactional storage engine. MySQL is reportedly planning to release its own transactional storage engine with MySQL 6.0. SolidDB is a prime competitor of the TimesTen in-memory database product acquired by Oracle. IBM and MySQL announced an agreement in April 2007 that would enable using the IBM DB2 storage engine with MySQL Server for i5/OS.

Sybase Announces WorkSpace 2.0 for SQL Developers
Sybase, Inc. has announced Sybase® WorkSpace 2.0, a developer toolkit based on Eclipse. WorkSpace 2.0 provides an integrated design and development environment that combines enterprise modeling, database development, data federation, Web application development and services development and orchestration. Sybase WorkSpace supports real-time notification of database events and integrates with Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, SQL Anywhere and Sybase IQ.

Sun to Drop Developer Tools and Encourage Move to NetBeans IDE
Consolidation in the Java tools space continues with a recent announcement from Sun Microsystems. Sun will discontinue Sun Java Studio Creator and Sun Java Studio Enterprise, although it will honor existing support contracts. Java Studio provides a visual development environment for Web applications and Java Studio Enterprise is a toolkit for enterprise computing. Sun will encourage developers to migrate to the open source NetBeans IDE, a rival to the Eclipse tool suite that supports multi-language development. Sun is offering six months free support for migrating to NetBeans 6.0. Borland previously discontinued its Java tool suite (JBuilder) and encouraged developers to migrate to Borland plug-ins for Eclipse.

Amazon Enters Web Database Services Race with SimpleDB
Amazon Web Services has jumped into the web database hosting business with the announcement of . A limited beta is available for the new service that runs in conjunction with Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). SimpleDB exposes a web service interface for storing and retrieving multiple data sets. The data is organized by domains, with items stored as attribute-value pairs. The cost for SimpleDB is $0.14 per machine hour and $1.50 monthly per gigabyte of storage. The SimpleDB API includes a small number of calls for manipulating domains and getting, putting and deleting attributes.

ESRI ArcGIS 9.3 to Support Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Spatial
ESRI announced ESRI ArcGIS 9.3 will exploit the spatial technology included with Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Microsoft is providing a tight integration of spatial technology with SQL Server's relational and business intelligence capabilities. ESRI software is currently in use by more than 300,000 organizations, including the 200 largest US cities, more than 2/3 of Fortune 500 companies, and more than 7,000 colleges and universities.

dbaDIRECT Receives Research Grant from Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation
dbaDIRECT, a provider of remote monitoring and automated DBA services, has received a grant from the Kentucky Enterprise Fund. The award from the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation will support the company's research. dbaDIRECT announced CEO John Bostick recently spoke at the International Conference on Information Technology for Financial Services (ICITFS) 2007 at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. dbaDIRECT currently manages more than 3,000 corporate databases, including Oracle, DB2, Sybase. MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

SQL Injection Vulnerability with JBoss Seam
Secunia has issued an advisory for JBoss Seam users that warns of an SQL injection vulnerability. The org.jboss.seam.framework.Query class has a flaw that enables a malicious user to exploit the "order" parameter of the getRenderedEjbql() method. Input to the parameter is not properly sanitized to prevent SQL injection attacks. The vulnerability affects JBoss Seam versions before 2.0.0 GA.

Data Access Middleware Under a Microscope in 90-Page White Paper
A white paper from Ken North Computing discusses the role and importance of data access middleware. "Middleware in Action" is a 90-page report that describes how middleware plugs into architectures for distributed applications and services, including SOA, OLTP and ESB. It explains defining characteristics of best-of-breed data access middleware, including features for performance and scalability. The report also includes a features checklist for compiling a report card for database drivers and data providers. The executive summary (HTML, ) of "Middleware in Action: Industrial Strength Data Access" also contains the data access middleware checklist.

Red Gate Announces One Click Support with SQL Multi Script
Red Gate Software has released SQL Multi Script, a new tool for database administrators (DBAs) managing multiple databases across multiple servers. With one mouse click, SQL Multi Script will execute scripts against multiple SQL Servers. A demo and a fully-functional 14-day trial version of the software are available from the Red Gate web site.

IBM to Ship DB2 7.5 for VSE and VM
IBM has announced DB2 Server for VSE and VM version 7.5 mainframe will begin shipping November 30. It includes a newly designed client that enables users to buy just the Client Edition of the product. It supports two-tier and three-tier application architectures. The Client Edition adds bind file support and reduced DRDA® code path length to simplify connecting to data servers. This DB2 product for VSE and VM mainframes is distinct from DB2 UDB.

MySQL Denial of Service Vulnerability with InnoDB Engine
MySQL installations using the InnoDB engine are vulnerable to denial of service (DoS) attacks by malicious users. The problem is the convert_search_mode_to_innobase function in It can trigger an assertion error by the InnoDB engine that can be used to crash the server with specially crafted CONTAINS statements. Exploiting the vulnerability requires ALTER privileges. The vulnerability affects MySQL 4.1.20, 5.0.44 and 5.1.17. The InnoDB repository includes fixes for MySQL 5.x.

Information Builders WebFOCUS Bundled with IBM DB2 Web Query
Information Builders' WebFOCUS is now included with IBM DB2 Web Query for System i, which is a replacement for IBM Query for iSeries and Query/400. The agreement for DB2 Web Query with IBM is the first time WebFOCUS has been licensed as an oem or private version. Gerald Cohen, president and CEO of Information Builders said "Through our IBM relationship we are harnessing the System i sales force and IBM business partners to substantially multiply the number of people selling WebFOCUS-based products around the globe."

Authentication Vulnerability Affects DB2 9.1
A security vulnerability in IBM DB2 9.1 can be exploited to trigger memory corruption or launch a denial of service attack. IBM has released DB2 9.1 fix pack 3a that corrects the problem.

More BI Consolidation: SAP to Acquire Business Objects
SAP joins IBM as another software company riding the acquisition wave, perhaps in response to Oracle's hyperactivity in that area. SAP has agreed to a price tag of 4.6 billion Euros ($6.8 billion) for the Business Objects acquisition. Business Objects has 43,000 customers, 2006 sales of $1.25 billion and a stake in the on-demand, software-as-a-service market. Earlier this year Oracle acquired Hyperion Solutions, a Business Objects competitor.

Zoho Upgrades Online Office Suite with Database and Reporting Features
Zoho, provider of a leading Web-based office suite, has announced the availability of an online database and reporting capability. ZohoDB is one of more than a dozen productivity applications that enable users to collaborate and share data over the Internet. ZohoDB supports multiple SQL dialects, including Oracle, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL. It is in beta test and doesn't currently support integration with other Zoho applications, such as the spreadsheet (Zoho Sheet) and application creator (Zoho Creator).

1968 Survey of Database Systems Uncovered
Ken North has uncovered documents about first-generation database technology in a folder from URS Project-70, a project to add database extensions to a COBOL compiler. He reports the emergence of database systems preceded the relational model and SQL standard, as evidenced by the September 1968 database systems survey by the CODASYL Systems Committee.
Hit your SQL Server 2005 target - watch the free Kevin Kline Webcast

Despite Criminal Penalties, More Talk Than Action on Compliance Monitoring
A survey of the Oracle Application User Group (OAUG) found only a small percentage of organizations are ready for compliance audits related to SOX, HIPAA, FISMA and PCI Data Security requirements. Ken North discusses those requirements and the results of the survey by Unisphere Research.

Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund and Family Locator
The area devastated by Hurricane Katrina is approximately the size of Britain. A million people were evacuated and many lost their homes, jobs and businesses. The Red Cross is accepting donations.

Network Resonance CEO Presents Security Taxonomy
The CEO of Network Resonance, Kevin Dick, of distributed systems and web services in a podcast and videos released this week. Network Resonance, a company founded by Kevin Dick and Eric Rescorla, recently patented a technology for secure SSL auditing. In the video/podcast, Kevin discusses security for point-to-point services, multi-hop services, service components and complex services.

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