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Fast, reliable data access for ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and XML
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ODBC Drivers and Servers

Open Database Connectivity is a vendor-neutral application programming interface (API) for accessing SQL databases. The list of ODBC drivers and vendors is in alphabetical order by vendor name. This is the section that includes vendor names starting with M - P.
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Fast, reliable data access for ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and XML

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Provider Driver or Product Data Sources Supported
Marxmeier Software GmbH
Fax +
SQL/R ODBC (server) HP Eloquence databases
Matisse Software Inc.
Matisse ODBC driver Matisse
MEGAsoft, Inc.

ODBC driver for MEGAdata PASSdata, MEGAdata
Micro Data Base Systems Inc.
See Savitar Corporation
Titanium ODBC Driver, GURU ODBC Driver Titanium, GURU, KnowledgeMan, Object/1
Microsoft Corp.
ODBC Desktop Database Drivers, Microsoft SQL Server Driver, DB2/Integrator SQL Server, Oracle, Excel, Text, dBASE, Paradox, Access, FoxPro, Btrieve. DB2
NCR Corporation
Teradata ODBC Driver Teradata
Neon Systems
Enterprise Direct (server)
DB2, IMS, VSAM, Oracle, Sybase, Adabas
, Fax
Cyberprise Host Pro Cyberprise Server, Rumba data sources
Nexus Database Systems Pty Ltd
Fax +
NexusDB ODBC driver  NexusDB
Nogginware Corporation
RemoteDB Gateway (server) Data sources with ODBC drivers
Novell, Inc.

Database Manager for Netware (ODBX-ODBC), ODBC/JDBC Driver Manager for Netware, ODBC Driver for Netware, SQL Connector, ODBC Listener for Netware ODBC data sources
NTT Data Corporation
, Fax
Infrover ODBC Driver Infrover, UniSQL
Oberon microsystems, Inc.
Fax ++
ODBC Driver for Sql Subsystem Oberon/F Sql Subsystem (Black Box Component Builder)
Objectivity, Inc.
, Fax
Objectivity ODBC Driver Objectivity/DB
Ocelot Computer Services
Ocelot ODBC Driver Ocelot SQL-92
ODBC Socket Server (SourceForge)
ODBC Socket Server ODBC data sources via XML and TCP/IP
, Fax

Develop custom ODBC to any data source. Unix/OpenVMS ODBC driver for SQL Server and Microsoft Access.

OpenBase International, Ltd.
+, Fax +
ActualODBC Driver OpenBase SQL
OpenLink Software Inc.
, Fax
Universal Data Access Driver Suite for ODBC (single- or multi-tier) DB2, Informix, Ingres,  Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, OpenLink Virtuoso, Oracle,  PostgreSQL, Progress, Sybase
  OpenLink Virtuoso (server) ODBC, JDBC, XML data sources (virtual database interface)
  iODBC SDK ODBC SDK for AIX, HP/UX, Linux, Mac, Unixware
OpenText Corporation
+, Fax +
Livelink Collections Server ODBC Driver BASIS, Livelink Collections Server
Operating System Support
ViaODBC-32 Advanced Plus, UltPlus
Oracle Corporation
Oracle ODBC Driver, Rdb ODBC Driver, Oracle Open Gateways Oracle, Adabas, Access, Btrieve, IDMS, Datacom, DB2, DMS II, FOCUS, IMAGE/SQL, IMS, Infoman, Informix, Ingres, ISAM, M, Model 204, QSAM, Rdb, RDMS, RMS, SAP, SESAM, SQL Server, Supra, Sybase, System 2000, Teradata, TOTAL, UDS, Jukebox, VSAM
PARKWAY Software GmbH
Fax +
ConnectWare Btrieve, C-ISAM, CA-Realia, D-ISAM, Micro Focus files, mbp, VSAM
PCMS Datafit, Inc.
, Fax
Datafit DP4 ODBC driver Datafit DP4
Persistent Systems Private Limited
Fax +
Enlist: Report Server, Enquire: Directory Server, Ensure: Synchronization Server LDAP servers
Pervasive Software
Btrieve, Pervasive SQL ODBC driver Pervasive SQL
Phoenix Systems, Inc.
; Fax
FUNDS ODBC Interface FUNDS System databases
Platinum Technology Inc. (see Computer Associates)
InfoHub IDMS, IMS, Adabas, DB2, VSAM, Sequential Files
Poet Software Corp.
Poet ODBC Driver Poet ODBMS
PostgreSQL Global Development Group
PostgreSQL ODBC driver PostgreSQL
POWERflex Corporation
+, Fax +
POWERflex ODBC Driver PFXplus, Dataflex
Professional Data Associates, Inc.
; Fax
TS ODBC Data Server Thoroughbred files
Progress Software
, Fax
Apptivity Server Progress, Oracle, Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Informix, Sybase, other ODBC or JDBC data source
  ObjectStore ODBC Driver, Open Access (server) ObjectStore

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Source: Appendix B, Database Magic with Ken North (Prentice-Hall PTR 0-13-647199-4)
©1997-2007, Ken North. All Rights Reserved. Redistribution is prohibited.

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