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Fast, reliable data access for ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and XML
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JDBC™  Driver and Server Providers

JDBC is a Java application programming interface (API) for accessing SQL databases. The list of JDBC drivers is in alphabetical order by vendor name. This is the section that includes vendor names starting with I-M.
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Fast, reliable data access for ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET and XML

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Provider Driver or Product Data Sources Supported
IBM Corp.
DB2 Connect DB2 for OS/390, DB2 for MVS/ESA, DB2/400, DB2 for VSE and VM, DB2 UDB (UNIX, Windows NT and OS/2 servers)
IBM Corp
JDBC Toolbox, JTOpen DB2 UDB for iSeries
IBM Corporation
Informix JDBC Driver IBM Informix OnLine Dynamic Server, SE
IBM (Lotus)
Lotus Domino Driver for JDBC Domino
IDS Software
+, Fax +
IDS JDBC driver IDS Server
I-Kinetics, Inc. (see eFORCE)

(status not known)

DataBroker Enterprise Server, DB2, Informix, IMS, Adabas, VSAM, Oracle, Sybase, data sources with ODBC driver
Center for Imaginary Environments
Imaginary JDBC mSQL
i-net software Gmbh
+2, Fax +
i-net MERLIA
i-net ORANXO
i-net ENTWO3
Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2000, 7.0, 6.5 and MSDE,Oracle 8i - 10g,Sybase Server 11.x, 12.x and ASA 7.x,IBM DB2,Text (CSV)
dtF/SQL JDBC Driver for Macintosh  dtF/SQL
jadoZoom Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, any OLE DB or ODBC data source
Information Builders, Inc.

WebFOCUS BI server IBM DB2, IMS, VSAM, IDMS, Datacom, TOTAL, Teradata, Adabas, Oracle, SQL Server, OpenIngres, Informix, Supra Server, SQL/DS, RMS, Rdb, M, Sharebase, C-ISAM, Image/SQL, Allbase/SQL, others
InterBase Software Corporation
, Fax
InterClient InterBase
Intersoft, Inc.
Essentia JDBC Essentia SQL-Server
+, Fax +
Caché  JDBC Driver Caché 
Isocra, Ltd.
livestore (JDBC cache) Any JDBC 2.x or 3.x driver
iWay Software
+, fax +
Intelligent Adapters, Data Adapters Adabas, ALLBASE/SQL, C-ISAM, CA-IDMS, CA-Ingres, Datacom, DB2, DB2 UDB, DB2/400, DBMS, ENSCRIBE, Essbase, Flat Files, CA-IDMS/DB, IDS-II, UNISYS DMS, UniVerse, VSAM, ImageSQL, IMS, Informix, Interplex, Microsoft SQL Server, Model 204, Mumps, NOMAD, Nucleus, Omnidex, Oracle, Progress, QSAM, Rdb, Red Brick, RMS, SQL/DS, SUPRA, Sybase, Sybase/IQ, System 2000, Teradata, TOTAL, TurboIMAGE, others
J Enterprise Technologies
JET Proxy Any JDBC data source using RMI 
JDataConnect, JSQLConnect JSecureConnect ODBC, Oracle, SQL Server, Access, FoxPro. Microsoft SQL Server.
J-Stels Software
StelsCSV JDBC Driver Text files (CSV, tab-separated, etc.)
  StelsEngine JDBC Driver In-memory database
The jTDS Project
jTDS JDBC Driver Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase
jxDBCon Project
jxPG JDBC driver PostgreSQL
jdbshare JDBC-compatible database
KX Systems
, Fax +
Kdb+ JDBC driver Kdb+
Linus AS
+, Fax +
DUALITY JDBC Proxy Any JDBC driver
Matisse Software Inc.
Matisse JDBC driver Matisse
Chuck McDevitt
JDBC Driver for Teradata  Teradata
Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver Microsoft SQL Server
Mimer Information Technology AB
+, Fax +
Mimer JDBC Mimer SQL
Minisoft, Inc.
+,  Fax +
Minisoft JDBC driver, JDBC for Eloquence
MPE flat files, KSAM files, Image, TurboIMAGE, Eloquence

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Source: Appendix B, Database Magic with Ken North (Prentice-Hall PTR 0-13-647199-4)
 © 1998-2006, Ken North. All Rights Reserved. Redistribution is prohibited.

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